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payment order are not defined for extended withholding tax

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Hi Gurus,

Would you please help me with the message below. It appears on F110 when I try to pay a vendor open item with extended withholding tax:

Message FZ626 -Payment orders are not defined for extended withholding tax

In my company payment orders are created in F110 for accounts payable, as we use another ERP system (Baan) to perform the local accounts payments, and now I've just activated Extended withholding tax functionality With accumulation (necessary in Brazil) but I get this error.

Is it not possible to user payment order with extended withholding tax + accumulation? I find it hard to believe...

I've tried to unflag the payment order only for the payment method I'm using in FBZP t.code, but then no payment order were created but instead a payment document were posted with the withholding tax accumulation, but this is not the way we are working, and nothing is sent to Baan

any help is welcome

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

The payment method "Y" the option "payment order only" was marked?

For a withholding tax type with accumulation in a company code with extended withholding tax payment

methods that create only payment orders can´t be used. Payment orders can only be created only if there are

no tax types with accumulation involved in the paid items of the payment run.

The functionality extended withholding tax works fine for Brazil

however, you can´t use the payment order with this functionality.

Please, review your customizing for payment method 'Y" in transaction


Best regards,

Leonardo Vedovelli

FI Support Engineer

SAP Active Global Support

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Hi leonardo,

Yes, the payment order only option is flaged for the payment method "F".

I just checked the production environment and there is another extended withholding tax type at invoice posting, with accumulation that it is creating the payment order and sending the idoc from sap to baan system!

I just can't figure out why mine is not...

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Hi fella,

There are two sap notes related for this message error:



take a look on it.

Have you done this process before? Is it your first run? Anyway try to do a test with only one invoice and check vendor and documents fields for WHT.

Let me know how was your analysis.


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Hi Marseel,

yes, thank you for the help...I knew about these 2 notes, but one is not related to my issue (651033) and the other one I've already verified that it is not applicable to my sap version (4.6c/12) is already available on SAP since 4.5

The trick here is that we have the same configuration on production (extended withholiding tax with accumulation) using also payment order via F110...and on production it works fine!

However, on development it is not, and I've already compared the payment method + tax type + tax code customizing and they are the same on both environments...

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Your master records and Invoice entries are assigned with different parameters. Try to copy those from an all right run.

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Hi Marssel,

The test I'm performing is already a copy of a P.O. and invoice from production which worked...

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I'm having the same issue. But one thing I didn't understand: our wth taxes are not accumulated. I mean, we only use extended wth tax but with no accumulation. So I don't understand why it doesn't work.

Any advice?

thank you,
Paulo Siqueira

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Hello All!

Have you found out anything related to that topic?

Or can we consider Leonardo's answer as a limitation of SAP R/3?

Kind Regards,

Daniel Carvalho