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Payment method field not possible to enter in f-53

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Dear All,

I want to update the payment method field when we simulate the document (clearance) in F-53.

Thanks & regards,


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In F-53 filling all the required fields and press Process Open Item tab select the Open Item and Simulate the document here u need to Double click on Vendor Line Item here you will find the Field-Pmt Method Update it and Post the document.



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May i know the business reason to enter Payment method in Clearing document?

In sap we need to enter Payment method in Invoices not in clearing documents

What ever you entered payment method in original invoice which you going to clear, same will copy automatically into your F-53 clearing document

Hope your doubt clear now



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1) While double check on vendor line item payment method not possible to enter , field is dispaly mode only in f-53 traction.

2) Payment method mass changes not possible in fbl1n traction for payment document. It is possible only for vendor invoice document.

3) While payment method enter in vendor invoice document, but it is not carried out in payment document.

Please do the needful.



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Yes, the Payment method filed will be greyd out after simulating the document in F-53.

Better solution is, after processing the document, you can input this to the payment document in FBL1N.


Immediately after processing, you can display the document from F-53 or FB03 and get the double click on Vendor line item and click on Change button from Application bar and input the Payment method.

Hope it helps


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Hi Vishnu,

I have a similar request from our AP department.  The business need they cited was fullfilling requests from external auditors for all payments (Check, ACH and Wire) made during the fiscal year.  AP does this using FBL1N and filtering the report to display only the payment documents and the desired payment method.  In our system, the payment method is included in the payment documents created by F110 (used for Checks and ACH).  For the documents created by F-53 (used for Wires), the payment method isn't automatically transferred from the invoice.

This raises the question; if you were expecting the payment method to transferred from the invoice to the payment document automatically in F-53, why aren't we seeing this behavior and how would we enable it?