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Payment Advice Note via different Programme

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Hello Experts

I would like to know how can we send payment advice note via different programmes.

Like - RFFOM100




All these programme we have uodated in Payment method in country configuration (FBZP) . So now what will be next prcess to proceed further to generate Payment advice note to the vendors via above mentioned programs. .

Thanks and regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In FBZP you need to go to the "Pmnt methods in company code" button. There you can select the various Payment Methods that match the programmes you have listed.

On the form you enter the Payment Advice form you've developed withyour ABAP specialist. In this example I've highlighted the standard form F110_US_AVIS. In the section at th ebottom of the screen print you have two more decisions. In the first if you are including a note to the Payee you need to select how many rows will be in the note. In this example a note will not accompany the Payment Advice. In the bottom section you define when a Payment Advice is required.

When you execute an F110 payment run when you click on Proposal and again Payment run you get a popup window like this:

Here you tell the payment run to execute immediately and tick the box for Create payment medium. After the payment program executes you can view the print job by using SP02 to view your own print jobs waiting to print. If you tick this on for the Proposal you can check the payment advice and verify it's accuratcy. If it is correct then tick the Create Payment Medium again when you execute the Payment Run. This will generate another spool fo ryou to print.

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