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Pay scale

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Hi HCM Gurus

Can you please explain me about the pay structure, pay scale group, payscale level etc. with example.

also please refer some links also.

Suppose in a particular Personnel area 50 employees are getting salary between the range of Rs.20000 to Rs.50000.

Now my question is this range Rs.20000 to Rs.50000 will include in which of the above catagory.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pay scale type is the highest level and is the collective agreement type defines the sector of industry for which the collective agreement is valid.


Metal industry

Chemical industry

Mining industry, etc.

Pay Scale Area is a physical area in which a collective agreement is valid.




Lower Saxony

Pay Scale Group is divided up into several pay scale levels.This is where one normally asscoaites with the salary bands for example A,B,C or D for executives

Pay Scale Level is where one provides different salary ranges for each Pay Scale Group

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Also to answer your question directly the range 20000 to 5000 will go on a Pay Scale Level which will be tied to Pay Scale Group.

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u have to maintain the PSG and PSL

and u will get the list of bands and level from u r client so than u will configure

say for exmaple





all these are the level for each level there will be some bands

u chefck in revise pay scale groups and level