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Partner profit center not coping in KEPM during Sale quantities copying

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Dear All,

We have more than 50 sale depot in SAP.We have created One plant as a each sale depot.We uploaded sale quantities through transaction code KE11.We have one central production plant for Production.Now we are copying all the quantitities to our production plant through transaction code KEPM.Once we are trying to copy the quantities from first depot to production plant it is copying fine and we are geting the partner profit center in production plant profit center.But when we are copying second depot quantities to production plant than system is copying the quantities under new partner profit center even the last depot quantities partner profit center also replace with the new partner profit center.

For Exam:

Depot Plant 1 :1010 Profit Center :110000 Sale Quntities : 10000

Depot Plant 2: 1020 Profit Center : 120000 Sale Quntities : 20000

In production Plant it should be like this : Say

Production Plant : 1001 Profit Center :100001

Partner Profit Center : 110000 - Sale quantities : 10000

Partner Profit Center : 120000 - Sale quantities : 20000


Total of PC 100001 : 30000

But Currently system is copying 30000 quanting under one partner profit center that is 120000 in profit center 100001.

Please advice the solution.

Thanks in Advance


Jayant Kumar

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Can any one reply please?

Thanks & Regards,


Former Member
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Did you set partner profit center as a segment-level characteristic?

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Thanks for reply.Yes i have added the partner profit center