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p0014 entries on payroll correction accounting

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i computed regular payroll for january.

i need to compute correction accounting for january month since i need to pay out additional OT. when i see the payslip, OT amount is correct but payments and deductions from it0014 are paid and deducted again.

can anybody tell me how to rectify this issue?



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Check RT table and BT table either in the payroll log or in the relevant payroll cluster sequence available thru PC_PAYRESULT tcode.

Correction run will overwrite the first payroll run.

If payment was made on the first payroll run, the payroll system will handle net payment difference in the BT table (that is if BT table get flaged when payment is made - standard behvior).

So let say on the first payroll you have paid you employee EUR 800.00 (BT entry flagged);

a. Correction run produce net EUR 1000.00, BT table is created with two entries (first entry is 800 - already flagged and second entry is 200 - ready for bank transfer).

b. Correction run produce net EUR 600.00. Credit technical wage is created with EUR 200.00 - that will be taken into account in February payroll run.

If by correction run you mean regular run for next payroll period with retrocalculation then wages difference will be determine in the january payroll evaluation of february run and difference should be taken into accound for the amount to be paid in febrary.

Hope it helps,


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hi hcm antoine,

thanks for the reply.

when i say correction accounting i meant correction within the same month. ex my regular payroll payout is 28th then my correction run is 31st of the same month.

ex. jan 28 regular monthly payout - ot is 100

allowance in it 14 - 10

deduction in it14 - 5

jan 31 correction run - plus 30

no change on allowance and deduction in it14

given scenario above i am only expecting as net pay for correction run equal to 30. but i am getting 35 ( 30+10-5).

i need to know why the correction run is not considering payments and deductions made on regular payroll run when it can differentiate the difference in ot amount.

thanks again..

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According to your scenario to output should be 35.

Correction payroll is completely reevalutaing payroll according to primary wage in PA infotype deleting thus initial payroll run on the 28th.

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hi hcm_antoine,

thanks for the reply again but i think we have different understanding of what off-cycle correction run does..

from what i know off-cycle correction recomputes regular run and the difference flows to the correction run payroll result..

concept wise since it is comparing old regular jan 28 result against new jan 28 result, it can establish what has been paid out before..

thanks for the time anyway..

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Sorry... all my answers are based on regular payroll and correction run as marked in payroll status infotype 0003 field KOABR. Did not properly understood you. Sorry anyway for not being able to help out. Good luck.