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overpayment and underpayment

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Dear friends,

I wanted to post post vendor payment either over or under.As for example if vendor invoice is of Rs 10.60 and i wanted to pay Rs.11 or Rs.10.

I had created reson code with C check separate charge of account.Defined GL account in OBXL.As per my knowledge system has topost automatically to the difference account GL when i clear the open item over or under payment.But when im trying to do the same sytem is giving me below error.

Suggest something.

The difference is too large for clearing

Message no. F5263


A non-assigned difference exists for the specified clearing amount.

The difference for an automatic difference posting must not be greater than the difference permitted for the user, nor greater than the difference permitted for the tolerance group that is contained in the customer/vendor master record.

System Response

It is not possible to automatically charge off the difference.


You can charge off the difference manually using the function "Clear differences". You define the upper limits for automatically clearing differences in the tolerance group assigned to the user.



Change tolerance groups for user

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Thanks Kash ,problem go solved now difference is posting to difference a/c accrdingly.