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Overall BOM Details

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Hi friends,

Please an anybody answer to my following:

1) T-code to display overall BOM of all Finsihed goods (FG) i.e., if suppose i put a range for FG say 1000 to 1999 then the overall BOM of those FG should display

2) How can i insert a image to my BOM

3) How can i view long text in all BOM through display T-code

4) How can i delete the BOM permanent from the system

5) How can i create my own display of BOM through Z

it will be very help if you answer me this question. Thanks in advance have a nice day.

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Answers (4)

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Dear Phalgun,

1.Is there any business requirement to view all the BOM details of all finishes goods?If so i will suggest you to develop a Z report

using the functional module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2,but however make some restriction for the maximum no of entries that is

allowed to view or download.

2.You can attach the drawings as document items (as BOM component using the item category D) by first creating documents

using CV01N.

3.You can use long text functionality to enter the long text for each component under item details.

4.For BOM deletion check this link,



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1) create ABAP Query for it

2) use item cat. D (Document) and use document management function

3) There is a button in CS03 for BOM Long text

4) Providing that you have enough authorization, use t-code CS02 and then menu path BOM->Delete. Alternatively, you can do archiving.

5) I don't understand the question. If you want to create Z program to display the BOM, consult your ABAPer.

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Please use below tables to create custom report

Your ABAPer will consider & fullfill all your 1 - 5 requirements in single customized report

MAST (for BOM#), STKO(For BOM header) and STPO (For BOM item)



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To display BOM for multiple materials - create a SQVI query on tables STKO & STPO

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Dear sir,

But i don't know ABAP can you explain me in details that how to create a SQVI query on tables STKO & STPO for multiple BOM display.