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Outlook Integration

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Users connect to SAP B1 via Terminal Server. How can we sync Local Outlook Integration with the SAP B1 on the Terminal Server



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Olga,

Have a look at this thread:

Though the thread refers to Citrix, am hoping you will get fair idea installing outlook integration add-on in hosted environments.

Extracted from the thread for your quick reference:

>> Please run Standalone OI addon from the installation package.

>> Outlook Integration is a different from other SAP Addons, because it consists of two parts: one part >> running Within SAP Business one and one run within outlook.

>> It will install an Add-on only on the machine that runs the SAP Business One application, therefore in your case using Citrix server, Outlook Add-In has to be installed on each client separately using the "Standalone Installer" of Outlook Integration.

>> Please refer to the installation guide related to SAP Business one in citrix environment by using the following link.


You may also check the below threads:

Hope this information helps you resolve the issue.

Best Regards


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