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Order related IB vs Delivery related IB in Sales. Double IB documents

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Hello All. I have a query related to Intercompany Billing in Sales. We use billing relevance " I " which is order related fir billing plan. During issuing invoice to customer we have subsequently generated IB billing document for order (through RDIV) . Then when we generate deliveries (for tracking purposes since it's Non Stock material) we get  Delivery relevant for Intercompany Billing (with IBS status A  (LIKP -FKIVK). So from logical point of view system tries to make double IB processing since one IB document has already been generated on SO level. 

We have explored solution to change delivery status (from A to Blank) through user exit. But is there any way/ explanation from customizing point of view? Why system allows to make this "double" IB request... Is there anyway to make it not-relevant for deliveries? 

Appreciate your thoughts  

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