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Order/Notification Long Text Functionality

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Dear PM Experts,

In order to standardize PM Order/Notification Descriptions I am using the Standard Text functionality.

For example for a particular fault-description a symbol (say NVID) is defined (in SO10) and when used it will be expanded as required(say u201CNo Visualu201D). There can be number of faults entered for one Order/Notification.

Following are my concerns:


Every time I add a Standard text (in Long Text) it creates a new line and expands the text.

How to configure the long text functionality such that when i add a standard text itu2019ll add to the current line without creating a new line?


As per my requirement when I add Text using standard text (in long text) it should get reflected in the Description field.

here the issue is when I add standard text in Work Order - Long Text it gets reflected in the Order Description, but in Notification when I add standard text to Notification Long text itu2019s not getting reflected in the Notification Description/Short Text.

How to get the Notification long text reflected in to Notification Description/Short text ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I did something similar to your first requirement in the past. I used an ABAP enhancement to achieve it. Please, check with your ABAP team.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Posting for Reference

1. when creating Standard Text make the "Tag"

field empty

2. this is not supported in Standard SAP, so sorted it out with a ABAP development

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Hi Thusantha,

Checked both cases and I have one query on first issue. ie, Where is the 'TAG' feild, that needs to be empty?

For 2nd issue, in standard functionality for Notification it dont work, ABAPer can do the necessary program change.

Thanks & Regards