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Order bom is not fetching while converting planned order to production order.

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Hi Gurus,

While converting planned order to production order, order bom is not fetching in production order.

My Component as two bom one is material bom and another is order bom.

Material bom contain production version which is fetching in MD04 screen.

I have created another production version for order bom and maintained in planned order but i cannot find my order bom in CO03 screen.

Need your help, kindly tell if i am in wrong track.

Thanks & Regards,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Suraj,

Can you explain your issue in more details.. If possible share your BOM Screen shot.

What i understand based on your above explanation is
Your Material has two BOM

Material BOM and Order BOM.
You have created two different Prod version.

For first Prod version (Material BOM ) working fine and data consider.
For Second Prod version (Order BOM ) your data has not been considered in Prod order.

I have couple of Question

1. Are you working on Variant Configuration ?

2. Both BOM has same Items ?

Logic of Prod version selection in Prod order.

Prod version selection Automatically and Manually depend on the Plan Dependent parameter (OPL8).

In Automatic Selection

If you have Prod version, In this case as per Std SAP Every time Prod version consider automatically in Pord Order.

If you have multiple prod version with same selection parameter (Date, Lot Size, without Unlock), every time system consider the first Prod version in Prod order.

At time only one prod version consider in Prod order.

Create the Prod order with selection of Order BOM version in Material master and check.

Please check and respond.

Umesh Mali

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Hi umesh,

Sorry for the late reply as i was busy,Thank you for your comment.

It was due to automatic selection of production version which was maintain in dependent parameter (OPL8).

Thanks & Regards,

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Do you have a sales order BOM assigned to your planned order? Is your production order linked to the sales order special stock?