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Optimise process of direct debit reversals after bank statement

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Hello Gurus,

A lot of customers pay by direct debit. Most of the times this works fine, but unfortunately we have quiet a lot reversals after reading the bank statement, because for some reason (mandate issue, short of balance and more).

Reversing the payments is a lot of work, which is done manually.

The proces that our company has created is as follow:

Step 1: FEBAN, Delete advice
Step 2: FEBAN, Post Items (FB05, post amount on customer account)
Step 3: FBL5N, search for clearing document(s) of item(s) to be reversed
Step 4: FBRA, reset clearing
Step 5: F-32, settle payment with amount on customer account , to "reopen" the orginal invoice

Step 6: FBL5N, enter text in reversed invoice to indicate reversal with reasoncode sent by the bank. There is also entered a different Payment method to prevent that the invoice is selected for payment again in the next payment run

We are trying to find a more optimized way to do the reversals.

Are there any suggestions how to make this process less time spending?


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Answers (2)

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We have "solved" the issue by changing the procedure.

We first reset the cleared items based on the the document numbers stated in the bank statement. After that, we process the bank statement.

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Please create search string for each customer or you can change the algorithm for external transaction types.

If you are using standard algorithm then system tries to find reference or document number whichever is suitable match in open items it try to clear it. So make the algorithm document number search or use search string.