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Opening Fixed Assets Register

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Hi Experts

How do I add an opening fixed asset to the fixed asset register.

A.  I need to add a opening asset to the register, I understand how I will add a new asset to the register using a purchase invoice, but how do I do this as an opening asset.

B.  How do I add the deprecation to date for the opening asset.

C.  If I have set up the fixed asset g/l account determination and add the above opening assets and deprecation is this data then pulled through to the g/l account asset and deprecation accounts or do I have to add the opening balances manually using the g/l accounts opening balances option.

Please Advise?


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Answers (2)

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Hi Chris,

I think the following links can help you

Template to upload fixed assets | SCN


Bui Hang

Active Contributor
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Check the SAP help files for details on how to use the import from excel under Administration>Utilities>Data Import/Export