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opening balances

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hi experts

my project is going on live 1st of january

before going to this i have to maintain all the opening balances in sap system can you explain me how to maintain opening balances of sundry debtors,sundry creditors,bank and gl and also wanted to know is there any transaction code for doing this please explain in detail or if you have any document please forward



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Hi ,

For uploading you need to create 5 GL masters

You create one account grp Uplaod accounts.In which you create 5 GL masters with follwing data

Tax Catergory 😘

Line Item Display : Yes

Open Item Display : Yes

Sort: 0001(Gl), 012(Vend),031(Cust)018(Asst) etc

FSG: g001

Under that grp you need to create all 5 accounts . All are balancesheet Accounts

GL Balance Upload Ac

Customer Balance Upload Ac

Vendor Master Uplaod Ac

Asset Master Upload Ac

Material Upload Ac

You should take the trail balance of the company and chose all gl accounts with balances

use LSMW uplaod GL balance upload f-02

Example : Salareis Acc - 5000 Dr Balance

Then entery will be

Salaries Ac----

Dr 5000

To GL Uplaod Ac 5000

Example : Rent Ac-2000 Cr Balance Ac

Then the GL entry will be

GL upload Ac----

DR 2000

TO Rent Ac 2000

Example for Vendor upload Account F-43

Vendor Cr Balnce- 5000 and client want ot upload line item wise

ex line items are: 1000,2000,3000

Vendor Upload Ac----

Dr 50000

To Vendor Ac 1000

To Vendor Ac 2000

To Vendor Ac 3000

Same with the case of Customer F-22,

Assets : For assets you need to use AS91 which will create asset master data and upload balance in Asset master data and for uploading GL balance you use OA97

For material initial upload use T-code MB1C and movement type will be 561

After upload block all the 5 gl masters which you have created for upload

dont show this Gl in Financial statement versions.

Hope this will help you.

In case of any clarification you can mail me:

Best Regards

Ashish Jain

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