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One Time Vendor/Customer Accounts

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Hi All,

Can anybody explain the part in quotes.

For all customers or vendors with whom you rarely do business, a special customer and a special

vendor master record should be created. Those master records are for One-Time-Accounts.

"In contrast to other master records, no data specific to a single customer/vendor is stored in the onetime

master record, since this account is used for more than one customer/vendor. Therefore, the customer-specific fields should be suppressed"


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Generally for regular customers, you create customer at three levels which are

1. General Data

2. Company code data

3. Sales area

IN One time customer you will be able to maintain only at two levels which are

1. Company Code

2. Sales are

Because this one time customer number will be used by many customers who rarely trades with you. General data like address and all are not maintained because all customers have different address and other similar details.

So when you create sales order, invoice or recieving payment at that time only system will prompt you to enter the general data for the customer.

Similar is applicable for one time vendor.


Chintan Joshi

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Understood, but when i create a One time vendor in the system, it also asks for the details present in General Data like Name, Search Term and others.

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General Data is created for a CPD Vendor.

In the assigned Field Status you should though remove all Vendor specific data (Tax, address Details etc).

In general you only want to fill the Name with the description of the type of CPD Vendor you are using the account for.

Kind regards