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One-time setup costs in production order

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I have a problem with the setup-costs in a production order. The setup costs of a production order is considered as a one-time cost. No matter how much we produce on the specific order, the setup costs must be added to the production output (GR) only once.

That is not the case. When I have a production order for 1000 pcs and the confirmation in CO15 is 1500 pcs the setup costs is for an extra 50% in the production output. In the cost analysis there is an open balance of these setup costs.

On the cost element-level the setup is charged only one time.

In the example above we have produced 2000 pcs on an order of 1000 pcs. I would expect that the setup costs are charged only once as it is on cost element 5500. In the production output the Eur 80,00 is charged twice.

How to solve this?


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