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One step and two step stock transfers

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I got information and configurd steps for one step and two step stock trasfer for intra and inter company through different threads but am confused where we configure movement types.

I have understood in one step GI and GR will happen at a time where as in two step process GI and GR has to be done seperatly or manually. Pls any body tell me where these steps happens at end side and where we have to configure these movement types i.e to happen automatically ( do we need to assign movement types in schedule line cat or while goods posting or receiving in enduser level) . what would be the ideal scenarios to use one step and two steps.


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The item category for STO is NLC and NLN and the schedule line categories are NC and NN.

If you execute VOV6 for the above schedule line categories, you can see movement types assigned to that.

The difference between these two are discussed in the following thread

[Re: In STO, what is one step transfer and two-step stock transfer?|;


G. Lakshmipathi

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Thanks lakshmipathi and suresh,

But in some threads its been mentioned as follows

1. One Step Procedure: Stock Updation takes place between two destinations at a time automatically by using Single Movement Type.

Ex:if u put movement type 301..stock updation will be done from plant to plant.

2. Two Step Procedure: Stock Updation takes place at Supplying and Receiving Plant by using two different Movement Types.

Ex: movement type 303 is to remove the stock from plant 1.

movement type 305 is to post stock to plant 2.

Here i am confused about movement types where some are mentioned 641 and 647 ; 643 and 645.(in shcedule line cat's these are mentioned) In few threads above mentioned movement types(301,303,305) are mentioned. which are correct.

And another one is what is the SAP standard procedure IS it one step or two step?

Can anyone of you tell process with example where system takes automatically and in which step manual intervention is needed to enter movement types. Means in one step prrocedure its been mentioned if u put movement type 301 stock updation will be done from plant to plant. here i would like to know what it means whether we need to configure 301 movement type, if we need to configure where we need to configure or if it is not necessary at which step end user key in 301 movement type.

Sorry if i expect more from you people, pls help me.


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check the schedule lines NN in VOV6 for intra company

Movement type 641

movement type one step 647.

check the schedule lines Nc in VOV6 for inter company

Movement type 643

movement type one step 645.

spro- materials management-Purchasing-Purchase Order-Set up Stock Transport Order-

Assign Document Type, One-Step Procedure, Underdelivery Tolerance

here you have to chec kthe field one step for one step process.