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Hi Folks,

Can anybody tell me, what can be the reason that during KON2 I have additional lines regardless what is the setting in OKEQ?

In OKEQ for the actual activity price revaluation I can have 1 Own business transaction or 2 Original business transaction, the system posting additional lines in orders anyway. Actually, the setting was 2 and with this setting a have additional line items for RKLN.

Do you have any hint what am I missing?



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Hi Joe,

Did you analyse Note 156563 - Settlement after activity allocation/revaluation?

It discusses in detail CO documants for settlement and actual activity price calculation.



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I run thru this note but I think this is about value flow between cost objects after and between settlements.

My question:

If I do the activity allocation (say KB21) then KSII, then say KON2 - how can I make the system to update the activity allocation line item and not creating a new one?

This is what you have in OKEQ settings, don't you? If I set OKEQ to 2 Original business transaction, then why on the world do I have additional line items after KON2?

Maybe I missed something out from the note but I couldn't find the part I was looking for.



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Hi Joe,

You are right. This note explains value flow.

I think that system never "updates" original activity allocation line when you do KSII or KON2 but instead creates additional line.

The meaning of OKEQ settings is that

- the additional line either inherits "CO Business Transaction" (field VRGNG) from the line being revalued (seeting 2 Original Business Transaction). In this case you will not be able to easily identify what came from original transaction and what from reval.


- the revaluation posting uses its own CO Business Transaction RKLN (setting 1 Own Business Transaction). In this case you can easily identify what came from reval

Hope it helps.



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Dear Joe

Can you please post screenshot to understand it better.