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​OBserverGeneric::GetNewLibraryFromServer: LoadLibrary for observer failed continues occurring

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Hi, I am having a problem with a project where we have upgraded a Sap Business one system from version 9.3 to 10.

One of our components uses the DI Server API to add Invoices to the system.

When attempting to use the Login control to login via the DI Server API I am receiving this error:

OBserverGeneric::GetNewLibraryFromServer: LoadLibrary for observer failed

System error 14001, Observer file name: C:\Windows\Temp\SM_OBS_DLL_64\1000190\OBServerDLL_1000190.dll

So far I have attempted to delete the %temp%\SM_OBS_DLL_64 folder, in conjunction with reinstalling the DI Server API and DI API components.

Deleting the temp folder seems to resolve the issue temporarily, but it reoccurs sometime later.

Does anyone have suggestions for troubleshooting?

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