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OADP 'Depth of structure' in List view

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In OADP configuration, can 'Depth of Structure' be used when using List display only?

I have configured OADP (Object & data provider) for manager direct reports without navigation objects and for some reason the setting ignore the 'Depth of Structure' and shows all levels of employees in the reporting line.

My configuration for 'My Direct reports' is currently set as;

Rule for Root Object > Evaluation Path

US A 208 Is identical to * P

* B 008 Holder * S

Rule for Navigation object

  • NONE

Rule for Target Objects > Evaluation Path

S B 002 Is line supervisor of * S

S A 008 Holder * P

S A 008 Holder * US

Any assistance you can provide is appricated, thankyou in advance

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Product and Topic Expert
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You need to use navigation objects

also you can experiment the results with the Report:RHSTRU00

many iViews which use the object and data provider tool (OADP) for data

retrieval have an iView property which can be used to define for which

organization views the data should be displayed as a list or as a tree.

This decision is made by setting a pure frontend parameter and you can

find it when you open the iView properties in the portal content


In the object selection configuration you can define how the objects

are retrieved. You can define 3 rules there. The first one is for

the root object determination. The (optional) second one is for the

so called navigation objects. It takes the result of rule 1 as input

to determine the objects for the navigation area (either displayed

in a tree or in a list). The third rule is the final rule to determine

the objects displayed in the OADP table. If rule 2 exist then it takes

the selected object(s) from the navigation area as input to determine

the final object set, If rule 2 is missing then it uses the result of

rule 1 as input.

Also you can restrict this via HRWPC_EVL_PATH