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OABL Asset reset company code

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Dear expert,

Now we want to reset company code of asset master records and transactions,but now we have already done some transtions as follows:

3 asset master data have been created and  related PO have done migo,but  not miro.So there are no asset value exists.

If we do OABL, are there any unconsistency exist,for example data base AA and data base MM?

Looking forward for your reply.

doris ma

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Hello Doris,

OABL deletes the corresponding value data of all the fixed assets for a

company code as well as all data that is used to manage and monitor the

depreciation posting runs. It cannot be reversed back. You cannot

reload the deleted data again, if you use OABL.

Please read carefully IMG documentation in the following directory.

IMG>... Asset >...  preparing for production setup > Tools> Reset

Posted depreciation OR Reset company code

I would also like you to review the following information:

In Asset Accounting, there are 2 transactions which will delete data

from Asset Accounting :-

  1. OAGL Reset Posted Depreciation

  2. OABL Reset Company Code

You can find both transaction and information from IMG :-

-> Asset Accounting

-> Preparing for Production Startup

  -> Tools

Here, there are 2 alternatives.

  1. Run OABL to delete ALL the transactions in Asset Accounting. After

     that, re-enter/upload the legacy data


  2. Run correction report RACORR07 to delete the transaction data.

     You can check in ANEP table if there are any assets listed with

     transactions. For example, if you have 125 assets with transactions

     you will need to run 125 times. After completion, table

     ANEP, ANEK and ANEA should not have any records for your

     company code.

However, you are strongly advised to discuss your situation and best

option further with your local SAP consultant.

Just for your information in addition this may be help to know:

When you run transaction OBR1, the system will delete FI transaction

data only. However, it does not delete Asset Accounting transaction


Final advice, is to be very careful using these transactions and ensure you have discussed the issue thoroughly with all concerned parties.

thanks and regards