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Number ranges for MIRO Documents

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Hi Experts,

I'm working as ABAP Consultant. we are working for a client, the client requires a different number range for different plant and for the different document (like we have Invoice, Credit memo, Subsequent credit and debit ) in MIRO T code.

we found a user Exit (LMR1M003) Here I have export parameter E_NUMKR (Number Range). The functional guy created one document type and number range in mir4 transaction. if I that assigned that number range to this parameter document is not creating.

Please suggest me a solution. ( if possible with code )

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In table T003R you must customize the operations key RD and RS with a number range, but in the SNRO transaction for the number range RE_BELEG you must to create more number ranges, all of you need to change in the user exit.

In this user exit, you could see in parameter E_TRBKPV the field that you can use to change the number range, and change it in export parameter E_NUMKR, but this number ranges have to be included in range RE_BELEG,