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Not able to extend ship to party to other sales area

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Dear ,

Experts i am not able to Extend customer to another sales area
i have created ship to party in the sales area BN01/01/PS i would like to extend this customer to the sales area to DN01/01/PS and company code.

But I here i am getting message like Account group Goods recipient uses internal numbering assignment

but in quality we were able to extend customer in production we not able to extend i have checked each and every field everything in same in quality and production expect below mentioned thing .
i observed this customer in Production available in KNB1 copany table this table have only one data terms of payments but knb1 does not have company code that is strange, but in quality this customer not available in KnB1 table except this remaining all data same we were able to extend in quality but not in production.

i have checked account group details , number range , reference distribution channel and division but not able to find root cause , can you please suggest path forward.

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