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No transfer of Unit of Measure using L_TO_CREATE_DN.

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Hi everybody,

I have the following problem: when I create a TO using LT03, I can enter a unit of measure like PLG for example. When the TO is created, SAP determines that it is in fact 20 COLL (1 PLG <-> 20 COLL), determines the correct batches etc etc and creates the TO. When I look at the TO I can see that I entered 1 PLG.

Now we are getting to the problem: when I try to create the TO with fm L_to_create_dn, I can enter the 1 PLG like mentioned before in structure it_delit (anfme and altme), but, the final TO that is created, only contains the recalculated amount of 20 COLL. I can't find the fact that I entered 1 PLG!

Why this kind of behaviour when I use the fm?

The funcional consultants can't find it in customizing.

Any hints or tips?

Cheers and thanks!


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The problem with using an isolated FM like this is that you don't know if there are FMs that should run before or after it to do other processing. If you look at BAPI_WHSE_TO_CREATE_STOCK, I think you'll see what I mean. A comment in this BAPI says not to use it, so please don't. I think your options are BDC or call transaction.