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No release strategy for a PO created in reference to a Contract

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I did search the forum but couldn't find exact answer. System doesn't triggers a release strategy, when a PO is created with reference to a contract, which is already approved. This is a standard SAP function, which is logically correct.

A release order (PO), shouldn't be approved again, when the reference contract is already approved.

I have below questions,

1. Is there any SAP KBA or note which explains this function? I did search SAP OSS portal, but couldn't find any related note or KBA.

2. Is it possible to trigger a release strategy for a PO in above case?

Appreciate your help on above questions. Thanks in advance.

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Standard SAP will trigger release strategy even if its a release order, if its configured. There is no restriction in standard to differentiate whether its a normal PO or release order in terms of release strategy as of my knowledge.

You may check whether the release chracteristics maintained for the release order type / any other release criteria in CL24N or check whether there is any enhancement which is altering the standard.

Refer the old note: 642751 ME21N : release strategy with contract. which corrects an error related to release strategy with contract field as characteristics. Also check the note: 365604 FAQ: Release strategies in purchasing



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if your POs with reference to a contract are not triggering a release strategy then (while a PO without contract reference does trigger a release strategy) then check the user exit as this is usually a home made solution.