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No Profit Center for Balance Sheet Accounts when running RPCIPE00

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Hi Experts,

( Background: Our system is on ECC6.0. We use New G/L. We do HR-FI postings with Expenses Accounts(HRC) and Balance Sheet Accounts(HRF). )

When I run RPCIPE00 with all employees under the payroll area(such as "AB"), error message shows: "Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 67 not filled".

But when I run just one person of "AB", there is no error.

No matter one person or all, no Profit Center can be derived to Balance Sheet Accounts(HRF) , (Expenses Accounts(HRC) can come out with Cost Center and Profit Center.) but FI demands that there must be Profit Center for every accounts.

Besides, we have multiple Profit Centers under "AB" payroll area, therefore, every Balancing Sheet Account should derive its corresponding Profit Center, which means I cannot simply define default Profit Center by t-code FAGL3KEH.

Please kindly guide me how to solve this problem? Please kindly do not use too simple abbreviation in case I cannot understand. Appreciation!!



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Hi Cheng

The PC in Balance Sheet line item should be automatically derived from the expense line item.. I hope the "Inheritance" indicator is set in the customizing for Document Splitting

Also check if all the employees have a Cost Center assigned in the master.. the PC will derive from there.. So its likely that one of your employee masters is missing it

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Hi Ajay,

the 'Inherutance' indicator is set, document splitting is activated.

All employees have their cost center,

but,,still the same error. 😞 In balance sheet accounts No PC can be derived.

there is another strange problem: for example, I tested two persons. When posting seperately, neither one went with error, but when posting together, error showed "Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 12 not filled".

Please guild me.

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and, we have multiple profit centers, the two persons I tested have two different cost centers and profit centers. I think that's why the system cannot figure which profit center to derive, right?

Please give me some advice, thank you so much!

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Did you got the solution? I m also facing same issue.

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