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No profit center Document generated on all MM postings really stucked

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Dear All

I am in a situation where i am not able to get the profit center documents when any Good receipt or direct entry from MB1C is done

Here are the details

1. New GL is active but document splitting is not active

2. The Classical PCA is active and i have done the default account assignment in 3KEH for all the balance sheet GLs to the dummy profit center so that where there is no profit dummy should be assigned

3. When i am using the direct posting for the MM GLs in FI dummy profit center is defaulted from 3KEH

4. When any entry is done from MIGO and MB1C where material master / Article master data has no profit center assigned the system is not generating any Profit center document

5. The GL field status and the Movement type field status groups are same with profit center field as optional

I have tried my level best to figure it out but i am not able to do so

Kindly if you people can tell me in this matter what to do and where may be i am missing some thing


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Answers (3)

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You will have to Assign Scenarios related with Profit centres to the ledger.


Financial Accounting(New) > Global settings>Ledgers> Ledger> Assign Scenarios...

Select and assign Profit centre scenarios here.

You'll be able to get it I hope.


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I am also facing the same problem and for me OKB9 configuration is also done for Cost center accounting and Profitability analysis for valuation areas

If any one have the suggestions please tell


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hi ali,

seems to me you didnt assign any profit center or cost centers to the valuation areas( plants ) in the okb9. this shall solve your problem