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No inspection plan could be found

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Dear all SAP expert,

I am trying to create inspection lot manually with origin 89. But when i check "task lisk/spec." button in tab Insp. Specifications there is the message "No inspection plan could be found". So, i can not assign Routing to my inspection lot.

The inspection lot system status is CRTD CHCR

Below is my configuration:

In material i maintain inspection type 89.

I create a routing for my material and plant combination with characteristic.

I have check all the task list usage, the key date (after routing date) but there still that error.

I have read many thread in internet but i still can not solve this problem.

Please help me to solve this problem,



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Answers (4)

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Hi Thai,

This could be due to one of the following reasons,

a) You have forgotten to create inspection plan in QP01

b) You have created inspection plan, but the usage is wrong. For Inspection type 89, the usage in inspection plan should be 3.

c) The status of the inspection plan is not 4 (Released). By mistake you could have maintained status as 1 (Created).

d) If any of your MIC doesn't have individual sampling procedure, then a master sampling procedure should be assigned for your plan in SPRO --> QM --> Basic Settings --> Maintain settings at Plant Level

e) Finally, you might forgotten to do material and plant assignment to your inspection plan in QP01

Check for all of the above 5 criterias. I think, this might help you in fixing the issue.



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Hi Vam ,

Its not a config issue . Its a mater data isue .

Create inspection plan with QP01 and then go to QA02 to assign this plan again

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Pls. create Quality Inspection Plan in QP01