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New realeased prices are not applied for all materials in stock after changing the rates

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Hello Community,

I could not find any helpful answer so far in the questions page, so I have to contact you.
After calculate new rates for the moh (fix and variable costs) and the pah (variable costs), I defined the new material costs for our new periode as well. Than I assigned the rates for each cost center with T code KP26. With CK40N I did the costing and released the price for each material. So far so good…

In order to avoid suprises, I checked with CK13 the new standard costs for some random choosed materials. Unfortunately it does not always match with the prices that I could see in T code CK11N. For some materials the new rates could be applied and for some not. (1) Did I something wrong? (2) After assigning the new rates with KP26 does the change applied for the entire material stock (FERT and HALB)? I mean do the new rates automaticaly transmit to every material in the stock? Or have I to release the new prices first by chosing all the different materials? (3) After mark and release the prices, it should be updated and ready to display the new costs in CK13?

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Community Manager
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