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New movemnet type

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301-302 mvmt type routing through AUM but case 309-310 mvmt type should be routed differently, these movement types are used at client to transfer a material into another material, normally the cost of the materials have a slight difference and that difference should be routed to the different GL than 301.

So, how to achieve it.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello, Vineet,

1. add custom general modification for transaction AUM "Expense/revenue from stock transfer"

-- transaction OBYC;

-- first, you have to allow general modification for AUM (not there by standard): go to transaction AUM, button "Rules", check "General Modification";

-- then you can maintain the account determination for AUM and your new general modification, with different account ;

-- note 1: you should still keep there (previous) records w/o general modification, to allow correct function of other movement types calling AUM w/o gen. modification;

-- note 2: once you change the rules, content of this transactiong will be lost; so you will have to re-create previously existings records;

2. create new movement types by copy from 309/310

-- this is actually not absolutely neccessary, but better to have custom mov.type then to modify SAP standard movements;

-- transaction OMJJ;

-- keep in mind that for creation you should not limit the scope by field selection, display all movement type and only then select 309/310 and copy it with dependent records;

-- in folder/view "Account Grouping" add for each line with TEKey AUM your new general modification (field account modification);

As a result, when this new movement type will be posted and will call T030/OBYC with transaction AUM, it will select only the account with your custom general modification.

Good Luck


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