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Negative Gross Weight in Delivery created from PO

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We are facing an issue where the gross weight on the delivery is being calculated in negative.

In Material Master, gross weight is maintained as 0 and Net weight is 1.

On the PO:

PO qty is 800, but delivery is being created for only 20 KG.

The delivery is created from a PO using VL10D t-code. As a result of the negative value in gross weight, we are getting an ABAP short dump and cannot access the delivery. I do not see anything unusual with the material master setup. The PO is using only KG UOM and no conversion is taking place anywhere. So not sure how the gross weight on delivery is coming out to be negative?

Any advise is appreciated.


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for me it is pretty unusual and unrealistic to have a net weight which is bigger than the gross weight.

At least I would make the gross weight equal to the net weight and retest the scenario, just to make sure that this field is not causing the trouble you have.

I actually would guess a user exit for weight calculations in the delivery that is causing this issue.

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Hi Jurgen

I had the same thought and already tested in qas system. But I am not able to replicate the error. It is calculating it fine. Also upon doing a check in table MARA, it seems like we have over a 1000 materials where Gross weight is below Net weight.

I will get a developer to debug.

Thank you for your help!