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Need to modify text field for ganaral data application in MSS

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HI Expert

I have a requirement to modify the view text field "TEC" in General Information iView called from Reminder of Dates.

we have create three role i.e 1) PNG No Salary role 2) PNG Salary role 3) mss role. According to the role when we call 1st role the text should be display "TEC". When we call role no 2. The text should be "Salary" and for third role the text should be invisible.

So I have done it through iview personalization and it work fine when we direct call General data information application

However, when we call same application through Reminder of Dates application. It will not effect my changes.

Could anyone pls guide me how to fixed it’ll note that when we call ganaraldata application through Reminder of Dates. It will call line manager roles,/iview inside the SAP provided by context.

I have attached the screen shot. pls check



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if i understand your requirement you need different texts for different roles?

Have you tried personalisation?

this comes from iview

SPRO, sm30... to check resource


You can check


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Hi Siddharth

Yes, I did personalization in "General Data” tab in the general information page. That will work according my three roles.

However, my issue is when we try to personalization in the General Data that comes up when the employee name is selected from Reminder Of Dates application it will come same for all three roles.

I want how to do it so that it also come different text for three role when user click the General Data that comes up when the employee name is selected from Reminder Of Dates application

When I preview General Data iview that comes up Reminder Of Dates application. it is not getting preview. It shows below message -

"To display data, first select an employee"

The object patch for Ganeraldata-

Object ID:pcd:portal_content/

Pls help..



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Dear Keshari,

How are you.

When you call the General Data application from reminder of dates it fetches the path from the spro resource "MSS_HCM_SERV_EEPROFILE_GENERALDATA". So you have to maintain the path of the appalication which you want to refer to inside this resource.