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Need to add new Withholding tax code to 1099 DMEE File

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I am running into the following issue. During the year my company migrated from classic withholding tax to extended withholding tax. During the implementation we copied tax code 16 (state tax) to ZF tax code (state tax) because ZF will make calculations and 16 will not. The system made the right tax calculations and everything has been working fine. Now it is time to report 1099s and when I run program RFIDYYWT the state tax relevant information is not being downloaded to the flat file. I am using the following parameters to execute the program:

US_1099 for Process Type

US2 for Output Group

In the configuration the format tree IDWTFILE_US_1099 is predefined by SAP. When I run the program the report shows me all of the tax codes that are assigned to the vendor, but when I create the file, the system does not download the information relevant to the taxcode ZF that I created. I know I need to assign the tax code ZF to the format tree IDWTFILE_US_1099. Has anyone ever done that? Please help. Need to report next friday and this needs to be fixed.

Thank you.

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I did not come up with the solution credit goes to Laurent.

Transaction : DMEE

Type Tree : WTRE

Format Tree : IDWTFILE_US_1099

In DMEE Format tree (left screen), open

=>Transmitter A Record

==> State Totals K Rec.

===> Transmitter B record

====> Tech : Level 4

You have then several lines which calculate Amount according to Tax code.

Select line where 'ZF' should appear (double-click).

on the right screen, selct tab 'Conditions', add:


Arg1-2 : WT_WITHCD

Type : 2

Operator : =

Arg2-1 : 'ZF'

Arg2-2 : [blank]

Type : 1

Don't forget to add "OR" in the line above in the last column ('Operator')

Activate and save your tree