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Need some reference documents

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Hi all,

Can i get documentation on transaction codes(Finance, Logistics, ABAP, Basis)? Any links are any site id's. Where can i get it? Thanks a bunch.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have few transaction on SD,MM,FI

Useful SAP FI Related Transaction Codes

Organizational Structure

1. Define Company code – OX02 / Copy Company Code – EC01

2. Define / Edit Chart of Accounts – OB13 / Copy Chart of Accounts – OBY7

3. Assign Company Code to Chart Of Accounts – OB62

4. Maintain Fiscal Year Variant – OB29

5. Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant – OB37

6. Define Posting Period Variant - OBBO

7. Open and Close Posting Period – OB52

8. Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code - OBBP

9. Define Document Number Ranges – FBN1

10. Define Document Types – OBA7

11. Define Posting Keys – OB41

12. Define Field Status Variant – OBC4

13. Assign Company Code to Field Status Variant – OBC5

14. Screen Variants for document Entry – OB71

15. Define Tolerance group for Employees – OBA4

16. Assign User Tolerance Group – OB57

17. Define Business Area – OX03

18. Company Code Global Parameters – OBY6

19. Define Countries – OY01

20. Define Parallel currencies – OB22

Customer Creation and Payments

1. Define Vendor Account Groups – OBD3

2. Define Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts – XKN1

3. Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups – OBAS

4. Create Recon Account – FS00

5. Define Customer/Vendor Tolerance Group – OBA3

6. Define Payment Terms – OBB8

7. Create Vendor – FK01

8. Post Invoice – FB60, Doc KR, number range 19

9. Make incoming payments (full, partial or residual payments) – F- 53, Doc KZ, number range 15

Automatic Payment

10. House Bank Configuration – FI12.

Enter Company code and select House Bank tab. Click on the Create bank to create a new house bank Enter Bank Country and bank key details and click Bank Accounts.

Enter the Bank Account num and the Bank GL account.

11. Payment Program Configuration – FBZP

All Company Codes – Enter Sending and Paying Company Code, outgoing payment with cash discount from.

Paying Company Code – Enter Minimum amount of Incoming and outgoing payment and Form for the Payment advice.

Payment methods by country – Select Check will be created, Allowed for personal payments, Street P.O. box or P.O. box pst code (bank details for Wire transfer) and RFFOUS_C (RFFOUS_T for wire transfer) as the print (payment) program.

Payment methods by Company Code – Enter min and max amounts and form for payment transfer. Payment per due day, optimize by bank group or postal code can also be selected.

Bank Selection – If more than one house bank, ranking order can be given. Under Amounts, amount available for outgoing payment should be given. Under Accounts, enter bank-clearing account for bank sub


12. Define Check numbers – FCHI and Void Reasons - FCHV

13. Payment Run – F110

Enter Run Date and Identification and go to parameters tab. Enter Company codes, payment methods, next pay date and vendor accounts. Go to Additional Log Tab and select Due date check, Payment method selection in all cases and line items of the payment documents. Go to Print out/data medium tab, enter variant against the Payment program and select Maintain Variants. Enter Paying company code, House bank details, and check lot number. Select Print Checks and Print payment summary for checks and Print payment advice notes for Wire(enter printer and select print immediately). Also make no. of

sample printouts to zero. Then execute Proposal, Payment run and Printout. Number range 20 should be defined.

General Ledger

1. Define G/L Account Groups – OBD4

2. Define Retained Earnings Account – OB53

3. Journal Entry – FB01, F-02, FB50, Document Change / Display – FB02 / FB03

4. Recurring Document – FBD1, FBD2, FBD3, F.56 - Delete

5. Sample Document – F-01, FBM2, FBM3, F.57 - Delete

6. Individual Reversal – FB08, Mass Reversal – F.08

7. Parked Documents – FBV0 – Post/Delete, FBV2- Change, FBV3 - Display

8. FS10N – Display Acct Balances, FBL3N – Display Change Line Items, F-03 - Clear

9. F.19 – Clearing of GR/IR account.

SD and MM

Sales summary - VC/2

Display Customer Hierarchy - VDH2

Display Condition record report - V/I6

Pricing Report - V/LD

Create Net Price List - V_NL

List customer material info - VD59

List of sales order - VA05

List of Billing documents - VF05

Inquiries list - VA15

Quotation List - VA25

Incomplete Sales orders - V.02

Backorders - V.15

<b>Outbound Delivery Monitor - VL06o

Incomplete delivery - V_UC</b>Customer

Returns-Analysis - MC+A

Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E

Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo - MC+I

Deliveries-Due list - VL04

Billing due list - VF04

Incomplete Billing documents - MCV9

Customer Analysis-Basic List - MCTA

Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC

Sales org analysis - MCTE

Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2

Material Analysis-Incoming orders - MC(E

General- List of Outbound deliveries - VL06f

Material Returns-Analysis - MC+M

Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q

Variant configuration Analysis - MC(B

Sales org analysis-Incoming orders - MC(I

Sales org analysis-Returns - MC+Y

Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E

Sales office Analysis- Returns - MC-A

Shipping point Analysis - MC(U

Shipping point Analysis-Returns - MC-O

<b>Blocked orders - V.14</b>

Order Within time period - SD01

Duplicate Sales orders in period - SDD1

Display Delivery Changes - VL22



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oh, thanks to you guys...........but my question will get the description once you enter the tcode in the command bar. But i need some more details about the tcode. Like.... sbpt_wb -> is a wizard builder..........everybody knows about it.........but i want to know the purpose of it, and how can we use it(kind of documentation) Thanks

And i remember there is a transaction code for searching strings(like if you know only the description of a particular tcode or vice versa) you can find the descriptions/tcode related to that. Thanks again.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thanks to all of you, I got the answer.

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Are you looking transaction SEARCH_SAP_MENU?


Ferry Lianto

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Similar to that.........

Say for checking the account balances we are using FS10N transaction code, here if we have documentation on what is the purpose of this transaction code?

And my second question is about how can i find the transaction code, if i know the description of that particular tcode(like search string)?


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Hi Feddie,

Check this link.

Reward if useful.