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Need Information, what EAM is abku00FCrzung

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Hi experts,

I have to write a short overview about Enterprise Asset Management. (only a overview, not SAP or software specific) But first of all I need an explanation what EAM is?

Something like that: EAM is the abbreviation of Enterprise Asset Management. EAM means.... and includes....! etc.

Can anybody sent or give me some information please.

Thanks and regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Enterprise Asset Management

SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) addresses the key life cycle processes associated with each process segment and focuses on the related business issues of concern throughout the collaborative eco-system. SAP EAM aligns to address these business issues, resulting in better managed capital expenditures, reduced operating costs, and improved asset utilization. The capabilities for collaboration with equipment suppliers, engineering contractors and other service providers ad opportunities for an increased Return on Assets.

SAP Enterprise Asset Management is an integrated solution package consisting of several SAP Business Suite components:

 SAP Financials Strategic Enterprise Management for business and investment planning

 SAP PLM cFolders for collaborative engineering during project definition, bid clarification and project execution

 SAP SRM Bidding Engine for strategic sourcing (RFQ - Request for Quotation)

 SAP PLM cProjects for cross-company project management during project execution

 SAP PLM EH&S to ensure a safe working environment • SAP PLM Asset Life-Cycle Management for integrated maintenance planning and execution processes

 SAP SRM Enterprise Buyer Professional and SAP SRM Supplier Self-Service for procurement of MRO materials and services

 SAP Financials Strategic Enterprise Management for asset performance analysis

 SAP Human Resources for workforce management and optimization for workforce management and optimization

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) enables organizations in capital-intensive industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, oil and gas, mining, and utilities to manage all phases of the asset life cycle.

With the SAP solution for enterprise asset management, asset owners and operators, asset service providers, and all parties in the asset service network have real-time visibility into asset performance and maintenance. So you can reduce operating costs, manage capital expenditures, and improve asset use and productivity.

The SAP solution for enterprise asset management allows you to manage key asset management activities, including:

• Investment planning and asset specification and design -- Gain control over business planning and simulation, investment management, collaborative specification and design, and collaborative project management.

• Procurement and asset construction, installation, and implementation -- Optimize supplier qualification and candidate selection, bidding and contract management, collaborative project management, collaborative change management, information handover for commissioning and startup, and project and investment controlling.

• Maintenance and operations management -- Handle technical asset management, maintenance planning and execution, preventive and predictive maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance, mobile asset management, MRO parts and services procurement, MRO inventory management, employee and contractor management, asset accounting and maintenance budgeting, and asset performance analysis.

Decommissioning and disposal -- Perform asset transfer and disposal, collaborative engineering and project management, waste management, regulatory compliance management, and asset remarketing

Enterprise Asset Management is a complete solution for achieving optimal condition of assets with the least amount of costs and the best possible asset performance for those operating a plant. It helps companies to better manage capital expenditure, reduce operating costs, improve asset utilization and collaborate with engineering and maintenance contractors.

The following business goals and objectives can be achieved through the implementation of these processes:

• Reducing Operating Costs & Increasing Efficiency

• Reduce administration, improve business processes

• Improve asset and maintenance management

Enterprise Asset Management


Investment Planning & Design: Investment Planning & Design enables companies to do effective investment planning and to collaborate closely with involved parties.

The following functions are supported:

• Business Planning

• Investment Management Procurement

• Collaborative Specification & Design

• Maintenance Engineering

• Interfacing CAD Systems

• Project Management

• Maintenance Cost Planning


Procurement & Construction :Integrated Procurement & Construction management processes help your company to collaborate with all parties involved in the process and to make faster decisions.

The following functions are supported:

• Supplier Qualification & Candidate Selection

• Bidding & Contract Management

• Procurement Process

• Document Management

• Project Management

• Collaborative Construction

• Project and Investment Controlling

• MRO & Services Procurement


Maintenance & Operations: During plant operation, a complete and reliable plant maintenance solution leads to higher system availability and reduced breakdown costs by means of preventive inspections and maintenance. Enterprise Asset Management allows for more transparent and simplified processes through integrated plant maintenance capabilities. Therefore, material and labor costs can be reduced while maintaining the same level of system quality, and costs for the use of external service providers can be optimized.

The following functions are supported:

• Technical Assets Management

• Workforce Management

• Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

• Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

• Work Order Management

• Approval Processing

• Contractor Management

• Refurbishment

• Mobile Asset Management including RFID enablement

• Service Parts & Inventory Management

• Interfacing CAD, GIS and SCADA systems

• Work Clearance Management

• Shutdown Planning

• Asset Tracking with RFID


Decommission & Disposal :With Enterprise Asset Management the relationship between business data and technical information supports management in making decisions about asset reuse, remarketing or disposal of technical assets.

The following functions are supported:

• Asset Transfer & Disposal

• Document Management

• Collaborative Disposal Management

• Project Management

• Waste Management

• Asset Compliance


Asset Analytics & Performance Optimization: Cost effective asset and maintenance management requires a detailed understanding of the costs caused by the individual asset, manufacturer, production facility or production site. The analyses of performed activities help to identify problem areas and analyze their origin. Standard maintenance key figures like mean time to repair (MTTR), mean time between failiure (MTBF), and mean time between repair (MTBR) are the basis to identify the areas of improvement. Decision making in the daily business and strategic must be supported by the integration of technical and financial information.

The following functions are supported:

• Integrated Asset Accounting

• Asset & Maintenance Reporting

• Asset Performance Management

• Reliability Centered Maintenance

• Damage Analytics

• Maintenance Cost Budgeting

• Predictive Condition Monitoring

• Operator Dashboards

• Budget Tracking


Manish Bansal

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Hi Manish,

Thank you, this solved my problem and I will give you the points

but, before that: could you please offer me, where you get this information from?

I need a literature for my thesis. Any offers will be welcome.

Thanks and regards, Ayse

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Answers (2)

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Give me your mail id , i will forward an attachment


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Hi manish,

here is my mail id

Thank you and regards, Ayse

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i know

But that's not what I need

regards, ayse