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Need information on fields related to Customer Outstandings

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Hello everyone,

I am required to create a smartform - Customer Outstanding Letter.

in which the following data is required :

1. Customer details.

2. Total Billing Done.

3. Total Payments Received.

4. Outstanding.

I want to know the tables, fields involved here to retrieve my data from and any other information which you think that can be helpful.

Thank You,

Ashish Rawat

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Answers (3)

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Thank you for the information, I forgot to mention 1 more thing which I wanted to know that are there any standard function modules to retrieve the desired data ??

Thank You

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you can analyse this information through FBL5N.

Other good reports for customer items include FD10N, S_ALR_87012167, S_ALR_87012172, S_ALR_87012169, S_ALR_87012168, S_ALR_87012174, S_ALR_87012175S_ALR_87012178.

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Hi Ashish,

You can find the required dat from the following tables.

1)Customer Details from KNA1(General Data in Customer Master)
2)Total Billing done from VBRK(Billing Document: Header Data) and try field NETWR for net billing amount in
documenting currency
3)Total payments recieved and outstanding from KNB4(Customer Payment History), KNC1.

I hope this will help you.

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Hi Ashish Rawat,

SAP SD Tables

Sales and Distribution:            Table  Description

Customers         KNA1   General Data

                  KNB1   Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct)

                  KNB4   Customer Payment History

                  KNB5   Customer Master – Dunning info

                  KNBK   Customer Master Bank Data

                  KNKA   Customer Master Credit Mgmt.

                  KNKK   Customer Master Credit Control Area Data (credit limits)

                  KNVV   Sales Area Data (terms, order probability)

                  KNVI   Customer Master Tax Indicator

                  KNVP   Partner Function key

                  KNVD   Output type

                  KNVS   Customer Master Ship Data

                  KLPA   Customer/Vendor Link

Sales Documents   VBAKUK VBAK + VBUK

                  VBUK   Header Status and Administrative Data

                  VBAK   Sales Document - Header Data

                  VBKD   Sales Document - Business Data

                  VBUP   Item Status

                  VBAP   Sales Document - Item Data

                  VBPA   Partners

                  VBFA   Document Flow

                  VBEP   Sales Document Schedule Line

                  VBBE   Sales Requirements: Individual Records

SD Delivery DocumeLIPS   Delivery Document item data, includes referencing PO

                  LIKP   Delivery Document Header data

Billing Document  VBRK   Billing Document Header

                  VBRP   Billing Document Item

SD Shipping Unit  VEKP   Shipping Unit Item (Content)

                  VEPO   Shipping Unit Header

See this link for more information

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Try also accounting tables