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Need info on Offset (OFFS1) field in IP41

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Hi PM Friends,

I would like to know the significance of "Offset" (OFFS1) field in IP41 which is available in Maintenance plan cycle tab page.

Can you explain in a few words, when we should use the offset field.

Please explain with a scenario or an example for clarity on the same.

Warm Regards,


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just press F1 on the field you can find the uses of the field

iam just pasting the help kindly refer

Maintenance package offset

The offset of a maintenance package or maintenance cycle determines the time after which a maintenance package first becomes due.

You must enter an offset when the first time a maintenance package is to be performed does not correspond with the cycle length.

In the case of multiple counter plans or maintenance cyles, you can use the offset to perform a maintenance package once only, by maintaining the offset.


Cycle length of maintenance package: every two years

First time due (offset): after three years


If you want to maintain the offset and the cycle, then the maintenance package (for multiple counter plans of the maintenance cycle) will be performed when the offset is exceeded. This can be useful, for example, in the case of technical inspections.

You must maintain an offset when you want to create a one-time package or one-time cycle, for example, in the case of a first inspection. In this case you should not enter a cycle duration.