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Need help with ME51N Release Strategy

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Hello Everyone,

I have the following scenario that I cannot figure out how to code.  We are creating a Purchase Requisition for a Internal Order, we currently have the following levels for the release strategies Account Manager, Grants Office and Purchasing Dept.  What we need to do is examine the internal order and if it is in a certain range then show these three levels, if it falls in a different range then we just want to show the Grants Office and Purchasing Dept.  I am currently using user exit M06B0002, the exit is executed right before the release strategy tab is displayed, but I cant figure out how to solve my problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  No need to use  user exit .

But you have not given  different range for CEBAN - GFWRT ?

Create purchasing group in t.code: OME4 for  ZAM(Account Manager), ZGO(Grants Office) and  ZPD(Purchasing Dept).

You can create (CT04)release characteristics for department with CEBAN - EKGRP & keep value in it as ZAM,ZGO and ZPD.

Also create (CT04)release characteristics for PR value with CEBAN - GFWRT for CEBAN &field GFWRT and keep value , lets say <=5000 and >5000

Considering you have release class and have release codes alreday.

Create two new release strategy S1 and S2. Keep release values  ZGO and ZPD and <=5000

under release strategy S1. Keep release values ZAM,ZGO and ZPD and >5000 under strategy S2.

NOTE: You can use separate PR document type for PR creation with Internal Order and have create (CT04)release characteristics for PR document type  with CEBAN with field BSART


Biju K

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first you need to do you normal customizing of release strategies.

then you create your classification that is used to find the right strategy. According to your scenario you have at least 2 different strategies.

One of the characteristics is the parameter that is returned from the user exit.

if it is e.g. X then strategy 1 is found, if Y is returned, then strategy 2 is found.

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Hello Gabriel,

you are on the right track -- M06B0002 is the way to go; simply enhance the structure CEBAN (include CEBANZZ) with some custom field for indication "2 or 3 levels", ensure that this field is feeded properly from M06B0002, create characteristics for this custom field, use this characteristics it for release strategy classification... and then you can have two different strategies with either 2 or 3 levels, distinguished by this custom field.

Kind Regards