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Native SSL Error When connection to SuccessFactor Using Odata API calls

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I am working with the SuccessFactor Odata API to retrive data from Successfactor from an ECC EHP5 System. Am currently testing this in Development system.

I set up an HTTP trace to figure out why i cannot retrive successfactor data from within my development SAP system and i see get the below error.

this is the detailed view below

So I have gone into the SMICM log and below is a detailed error log for FATAL TLS HANDSHAKE Failure alert from Peer.

from web browser, I am able to retrive data when i access the url part with the login credentials.

I certainly did download the SSL certificate from the above URL

and Imported it to STRUST. The Imported SSL certifate on the SAP ECC Dev system can be see as shown below:

The Cert have been added in the above highlighted folders including the System PSE.

Also from the SAP system HTTPS has been enabled on port 44301 for secure connection

Anyone experinced SSL connection similar to the above?

Thanks for your support in advance.



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