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NAKISA OrgChart - Position Hierarchy as default view

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Dear Experts,

As per my client requirement, we want to change few settings for OrgChart.

1. Position Hierarchy as a default view in OrgChart -> Hierarchies

presently Organization Structure is default view - we want to change to Position Hierarchy.

My Observation - I could not able to find any option the Preferences Tab.

2. Position Listing  - When i search any ID - i mean Position ID in Position Listing.

It shows the respective Position ID, but when i try to open the View in OrgChart  in Actions.

it shows the Organization Structure view. This must be Position Hierarchy View.

My observation on this issue -  When i check the Admin Console - Listing -> Position Listing

Position Listing > General Setting > Link OrgChart Option - is  SAPOrgUnitOrgChart.

I just changed to this vaule to SAPPositionReportingChart. Save and Published.

When i checked in the OrgChart > Position Hierarchy > Select Details

It shows this error message.

Please Suggest.

Best Regards

Dileep P

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dileep,

For issue 1 (Position Hierarchy as a default view in OrgChart -> Hierarchies) you need to define this in the XML. If it isn't already in your .delta folder then copy \AppResources\moduleconfiguration\orgchart.xml to your .delta folder and open it. Make the changes indicated in bold below (e.g. change the Organization Structure default="True" attribute to False and do the opposite for the Position Hierarchy).

<module type="orgchart">


  <orgchart default="False" enable="True">


   <caption key="2164_App"><![CDATA[Organization Structure]]></caption>


  <orgchart default="False" enable="False">


   <caption key="2164_EmployeeHierarchy_App"><![CDATA[Organization Structure]]></caption>


  <orgchart default="True" enable="True">


   <caption key="SAPPositionReportingChart_ModuleCaption"><![CDATA[Position Hierarchy]]></caption>



For issue 2 (Position Listing  - When i search any ID - i mean Position ID in Position Listing.) you need to add a new link for the Position details panel. If it isn't already in your .delta folder then copy \AppResources\linkconfiguration\SAPPositionDetailsConfiguration.xml to your .delta folder and open it. You need to add the following <to> element inside the <linkto> element:

  <to enabled="true" module="" name="SAPPositionReportingChart" type="positionchart">











Then inside the <parameters> tag you need to add the following <idfield>

<idfield type="positionchart">ParentNo</idfield>

Best regards,


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Dear Luke,

My First Issue got solved!!! Thanks a lot.

My second issue

As you said - in my .delta file is already there - i just modified, Save the build and Published

Still i am not able to get the Position Listing  > details > Actions > Here 

Still it will shows View in OrgChart.

My Observation in Admin Console -OrgChart > Position Hierarchy > General Settings

Here i could not able to see the Link Configuration.

But others like Organization Structure and Employee Structure - Link configuration is there.

Please suggest.

Best Regards

Dileep P

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Dear Luke,

Very happy to say - my secand issue is also got solved.

Why i got issue in first time know, that is because of this line code.

<idfield type="positionchart">ParentNo</idfield>

Instandof this i just changed the ParentNo to Object_ID. As per my system

<idfield type="positionchart">Object_ID</idfield>

Finally this is working perfectly fine.

Thanks  a lot.

Best Regards

Dileep P

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