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Multiple Vendor for interchangeable Spare

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Hi Experts,

Could you please help me to provide solution for below scenario related to SAP PM & MM.

I have 1 Valve and this valve we can purchase from three different vendors.The question is:

1. Shall we create 3 different MM code.Which is confusing for end users and also to difficult to maintain Min-Max Level.

2. If we create one MM Code then how we maintain three vendor for one MM Code and how while PO creation procurement team will decided from which vendor this material to be purchased.

Appreciate your expert advise.



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Answers (2)

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You may create a single material code and maintain the source list requirement in purchasing tab. Now, maintain the source list for the material in ME01 with all the three vendors. Now, system will allow to create the PO only to the vendors maintained in the source list and the procurement team will be alerted if hey try to create PO for the material to any other vendors. Moreover, if you want to procure from a specific vendor (out of the three sources), you can maintain the vendor code as the "fixed source" while generating PR (in souce of supply tab in manual PR and in vendor field in WO - components - purchasing data)

Test the same and revert back.



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Thank you very much Prasoon!!Your reply has fixed my problem!!