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Multiple Start Transactions

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This may be a long shot, but I'm aware that you can set your start transaction in the first screen (Extras >> Set start transaction) so that when you log on you are automatically in the required screen instead of the SAP Easy Access screen.

But if there are 2 transactions you always use, is it possible to get SAP to load up one transaction and open up a new session in another transaction as soon as you log on?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers (3)

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Thanks for your feedback guys.

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Hi dear,

This is not possible.System will set only one start transaction at a time.

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Hi Kellis,

There's a way to put a Desktop shortcut so yo Double click and open SAP with the TX do you choose. It's very simple. I will explain to you:

1. Chose from your Favorites Menu or SAP Menu the TX you want. Example: SAP Menu -> Office -> SBWP - Workplace

2. Just select this TX (ONE click)

3. Press CTRL + F3.

4. Close SAP GUI.

4. DONE.

Now go to your desktop and there you will see all the shortcout you create.

Hope it's work for you.


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Hey Ignacio

many thanks for you reply.

I have considered the shortcuts option but it doesn't really save time for 2 transactions compared to if SAP can do this automatically upon logging in.

Plus I primarily use the same 2 transactions on 4 different systems so having 8 shortcuts on my desktop may not be ideal.

Really do appreciate your response, is this multiple transaction upon login not an available option within SAP then?

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Hi Kellis

We cant have multiple sessions to be triggered during login. I would suggest you to set one of the transation as the 'Start transaction' and add the other one to your Favourites (right click on favouties icon, choose Insert transaction).

Once you login to the start transaction, press Ctrl+ and a new session will be created. Double clcik on the other tcode in favourites.

Sorry, couldnt think of any other options with less keystrokes and clicks

Best Regards

Sathees Gopalan