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Multiple Payroll for Employee with Multiple Employment

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Hi Experts,

We are facing the requirement from our client to implement SAP. One of the scenario is there will be two or more Personnel Number that will be assigned to an employee. An Employee can be assigned to some personnel number because they have two or more employment in that organization.

We have explored the possibility to use Infotype 0031(Reference Personnel Number) and Infotype 0121 (Reference Personnel Number Priority). It is the new thing for us. We have some questions about how to process the payroll by using that infotypes.

1. Is it possible for an employee with 2 or more personnel number has one payroll result?

2. What are steps should be performed in SAP?

3. Anyone, could you give me some explanation about the pro and cons about this?

Thanks for the valuable respons.

Best Regards.

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We also have the Concept of Concurrent Employment in SAP., where it assigns two or more than 1 personnel numbers to one unique common ID (Personnel ID), which get stored in 0709 (07**) series infotypes get used for this functionality

SAP does support this functionality at time and payroll level

You can consider, which one to opt for.

Warm Regards!


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Just to add to what Harish said, it does sound as if you need Multiple Employment functionality, but please note this is specific to GB Payroll and not relevant to other countries. It wasn't clear to me what country you are implementing in this case.  Multiple employment payroll processing is specifically designed to cater for scenarios in the UK where employees have more than one contract of employment, usually with different terms & conditions - e.g. rates of pay, hours of work, etc - within the same organisation. Typically this is commonplace in public sector but not uniquely.

As Harish says, it is best to read the available documentation and make your decision from there as to whether it meets your requirements.

Best wishes,


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Hi Alison,

The implementation for Indonesia Payroll.

Does it means that the concurrent employment can't be implemented in Payroll ID?

Thank You,

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Hi Farid

The GB Multiple Employment payroll & reporting functionality I refer to is unfortunately GB specific and is a solution designed uniquely for UK customers for whom this is a common requirement, particularly in the public sector. Some of the payroll functions etc will be GB specific, so I would assume it can't be re-used "as is" and the statutory requirements are very complex/country specific too.

Concurrent Employment is international functionality that was mainly developed as a master data solution that can be used together with Management of Global Employees, primarily to enable global organisations to move employees from country to country, still with the same employer. In addition, however, it can be used to record master data for more than one position per person linked by the CP ID.

I know there have been developments and enhancements to CE over the years, but I'm afraid I don't know if that could be used to cover your payroll requirements for Indonesia. There is a few SAP Notes for activating CE (662136 and 540451 are 2 of the main ones). Kanuku mentions there is functionality for time and payroll, but I'm afraid I don't know the detail of this or whether it could cover your requirements. I would suggest doing a specific search for your needs in SCN/search the SAP service marketplace and if you still can't find anything to tell you one way or the other, you could consider raising an OSS message for clarification?

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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There could be many solutions, if the requirement is ONLY to maintain an Additional Personnel / Reference Number, such as

  1. IT 0185 where you could create additional Personal IDs.
  2. IT 0032 where you could store another Personnel Number.

By storing additional info in this manner, you could have one payroll result.

However, if the employee has different employments within the organization, you could utilize SAP's Concurrent Employment Solution.

Reference Personnel Number (31) would be used if an employee who left the organization earlier joins back.

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You should implement something called Multiple Employment.

System has standard functionality to take care of this.

Each Multiple Employment contract will have its own PERNR, they will be linked together by a Personnnel Assignment. IT 0121 links all the pernrs together and identifies the main contract. and secondary contracts.

Payroll will be run for both (all) contracts, and separate results will be stored for each contract, however, payroll will do clever things and aggregate stuff like tax for both contracts and calculate that only for the main contract.

I suggest you read up the documentation on Multiple Employment and see how it can help you - it is a bit intricate and is a bit difficult to give you all the information in a post like this. I am sure lots of members will be glad to answer specific questions that you may have,