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Multiple GL accounts to single valuation class

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Dear Experts,

Is it possible to assign two GL accounts to single valuation class....?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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With same valuation class - you can post to two different G/L accounts!

Considering you have multiple plants and same material number created for all plants.
You can use two different valuation grouping codesand assigned to your plants in OMWD t.code.

Plant-----Valuation Grouping Code (Valuation Modifier)

In t.code:OBYC, you can assign different G/L account based on different Valuation Grouping Code or Valuation Modifier with single valuation class.

Valuation Grouping Code (Valuation Modifier)------Valuation Class---- G/L account
Z001----------------------------------------------------------------------3000---------------G/L account-1
Z002-----------------------------------------------------------------------3000---------------G/L account-2


Biju K

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Is it possible to assign two GL accounts to single valuation class with the same valuation grouping? Or what other option would you have?

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first Activate Valuation grouping code : SPRO->MM->Valuation & Account assignment->Account Determination Without Wizard->Define Valuation Control

then Group Together Valuation Areas->

Val Area (plant)  Co Code   Chart of acc    Valuation grouping code

1000                    100           IN01                0001

1010                    100           IN01                0002

In OBYC-  goto Transaction & determine

Valuation Modifier/ Code     Val Class    G/L

0001                                      XYZ            123

0002                                      ABC            321

Thanks & Regards,


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You can maintain thru different account modifers too in some intances  say consumption account.. for modifers defined for different account assignment in OME9

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  Inside a single valuation area, its NOT possible to give two GL for a single valuation class and transaction key. You can maintain different GL for different transaction/event key.

Hope its helpful.



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Dear Milind,

As AKPT MM said, we can assign single valuation class to different G/L accounts based on Transaction/Event keys (which in turn related to movement types)

BSX, WRX, PRD, UMB, etc.