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Multiple Exchange Rate Gain/Loss accounts in GL account determination

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in our SAP, we use segment codes for the product lines as follows:

but for the realised exchange Diff. Gain/Loss account can only be 1 account for each. So all product lines' exchange difference is posted in 1 account for gain and 1 account for the loss.

my question:

1. can we set an advance rule for realised exchange Diff. Gain/Loss account by BP group?

2. how can we set to post exchange difference by product line?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Lae' Wah,

Currently the Realized Exchange Diff. Gain and Realized Exchange Diff. Loss accounts are not supported in the Advanced G/L Account Determination system, so you can not define them based on BP group.

You can open DRQ in the customer influence tool and we can promote this requirement according to the interest.

Best Regards, Ofrit Harpaz.

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