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Multiple Counter Plan

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Hi PM Experts,

I have a Multiple Counter Plan where I need to create call objects few days before the planned date. Since Multiple Counter Plans dont have call horizans I dont know how to do this.

Please help



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Answers (2)

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I have the same issue wanting to call the order a few days in advance of the Plan Date. When I created the Plan, which is a seasonal plan, using two cycles on every 9 months and one every three months and se the Lead Float in Days to 30 to make sure we can receive the materials in time to execute the work, the plan generate the order 30 days early but changed the Plan Date to the call date on the order. So instead of this order being called on 9/30 with the Plan Date of 10/30, the plan called the order on 9/30 with a Plan Date of 9/30.

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Hi Deepal,

In multiple counter plan, you can have Lead Float (days) to advance your call date.