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Multi level configuration with Object dependencies at KMAT level

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We have a product structure BOM as follows:



KMAT11 -



PR1 -



PR2 -



KMAT12 -



PR1 -



PR2 -


KMAT1, KMAT11 & KMAT12 are configurable materials with item category 0002, and PR1, PR2 are stockable non-Configurable materials.

The KMAT items are defined as sales relevant in the BOM.

Class, Characteristics and Values are as follows:

Class KMAT1

Characteristics KMAT1_CHAR values '11' & '12'.

Class KMAT11

Characteristics KMAT11_CHAR values '111' & '112'.

Class KMAT12

Characteristics KMAT12_CHAR values '121' & '122'.

Object Dependencies(Selection Conditions) have only one characteristics

OD11 has KMAT1_CHAR = '11'.

OD12 has KMAT1_CHAR = '12'.

OD111 has KMAT11_CHAR = '111'.

OD112 has KMAT11_CHAR = '112'.

OD121 has KMAT12_CHAR = '121'.

OD122 has KMAT12_CHAR = '122'.

The config profile for KMAT1, KMAT11, and KMAT12, are setup with

Prod/Planned Order, and multi level explosion and class assignments as

Material KMAT1 has Class KMAT1, Material KMAT11 has Class KMAT11 and Material KMAT12 has Class KMAT12.

When we test the config with Cu50/VA01. We cannot go below KMAT1 level to assign values to the characteristics for KMAT11 and KMAT12 levels.

But when we deleted the object dependency assignment to the KMAT11, and KMAT12, we are able to go down the Configuration Tree to KMAT11 and KMAT12 in Cu50/Va01 but for both KMAT11 and KMAT12(Since no Object dependencies exist). Has anybody tried multilevel KMATs with object dependencies associated with KMATs, and can you share the trick to get it to work?


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My Understandings : KMAT1(BOM Header) --- Header material and KMAT11 and KMAT12 are assemblies inside KMAT1. U have SC's to at KMAT11 and KMAT12.

U try the same in the following method:

Define only KMAT1 as " sales relevent " not KMAT11 and KMAT12.

Define KMAT11 and KMAT12 as "phantom".

Maintain class for KMAT1,KMAT11 and KMAT12 please assign the proper "Class Type".

Say class : CL_KMAT1 with whatever charecteristics maintain the same class for both KMAT11 and KMAT12 ( classification view in material master)

Also check ur dependencies if they are correct(hoping that they r correct).

Selection condition at KAMT11 and KMAT12 should always be based on KMAT1 selection(value or character)