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MTO WIP (cumul) become neative

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Dear Expert,

I have run KKAK then VA88 to settle to SO during Jan 2012, this month (Feb 2012) i run the KKAK again the WIP (cumul) show a negative value! can anyone provide some advice about this?

Check no more material posting in Feb 2012

What cause this to happen?



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Answers (1)

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There can be many reasons. Did the sales order delivery or invoice got cancelled. If so, the costs will have to move out from COGS to WIP because of which you will see negative amounts. The other reason can be if a goods movement has been posted directly at the sales order level like, if someone has taken out a part from the sales order, then those costs will have to be deducted from COGS because of which you will see negative numbers. One other reason i can think of is settlement for work order under that sales order might have been reversed... use transaction KVBI to look for all the transactions that hit that sales order for the period 02012012 till date and you will know what changed between JAN end and today.