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MSS - Team calendar - employee search and or tree structure

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We have created a custom evaluation path (based on the A/B 290) relationship and custom view in the team calendar. All working fine. The calendar view display the list of employees for whom the administrator is responsible for (based on A/B 290 relationship). The administrator may be responsible for more than one organization unit and therefore the list of employees displayed are in this example more than a 100 employees which make it difficult to scroll down/ up to see the employee in query

Is there any way that the team calendar view can display a tree structure of the organization units (like MSS_TMV_EE - group organizational views) and or search employees within the team calendar?

Any response will be gratefully received.



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Employee search this is possible but not in Team calendar

In MSS 1.0 under employee information we have three pages:General

Information, Compensation Information and Personnel Development .

All these pages have different employee search iview.

Basically employee search iview(properties) is responsible for display

of Organization Hierarchy as table or tree.

In employee search iview we have iview property "Organizational struct-

ure with list display in navigation area" Sap.xss.tmv.navlistorgviews.

This property enables you to define the navigation objects for an

organizational structure view are to be displayed in a

table as opposed to a tree hierarchy. In the standard system, navigation

objects are displayed in a tree structure.

You can enter the following organizational structure views:

- Organizational structure views with a navigation area that belong to

the organizational structure view group you defined with the property

sap.xss.tmv.orgviewgroup. (Group of Organizational structure views)

- Organizational structure view you define with the property sap.xss.tmv

.orgview(Individual organizational structure view) provided it has

navigation area.

For e.g.,

Let say, you would like to display maintain position requirements,

navigation objects as table.

Let say in backend you had defined following Organization structure


MSS_TMV_EE_ORG1#Employees from Organizational Units

MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2#Employees from Organizational Structure

From Content administration ->Portal content ->#. Choose

Employee Search iview (for compensation information).

Now in the iview property "Organizational structure views with list

display in navigation area" maintain MSS_TMV_EE_ORG1,MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2

Now for all cases you will get navigation objects as table display.

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Hi Siddharth,

From what I understand from your response that it is not possible to have employee search and organisation unit tree structure in the team calendar view. Don't you think that it will be nice to have this function in the team calendar. The team calendar is not user friendly and the users will have to scroll up and down if they have to see employees absence in the calendar especially when they are responsible for more than one organisation unit. Is there any workaround that you can think of?

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DO it form BADI

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Hi Siddarth/ Vivek,

Can you give me some hints and tips to acheive this using the BAdI's as suggested by you.